Thursday, February 3, 2011

Help me select a Space Marine Chapter

I always have a tough time deciding on a chapter to work on. I managed to narrow it down to a few that I liked but I was still left with several to choose from.

The candidates are:

  • Celestial Lions - like the doomed fluff; not much of a future for them though without a miracle...
  • Space Sharks - like the paint scheme and would be good for the Badab War.
  • Crimson Tigers - DIY using Argent Tiger marking.
  • Warrior Adepts - like the color scheme; quartered red and blue with company color shoulder pads.
  • Death Knights - like the name and the knights in space concept. I've got a thing for surcoats.
  • Exorcists - like the fluff and coloring. I have a thing for dark reds too.

So I figured I'd try sculpting up each of the chapter's chapter markings on the shoulder pads and select the one that looked cooler than the others. Take a look and help me choose by letting me know which one you think is the best of the lot.


  1. Thanks to the feedback from the friendly folks at the Dakka Dakka forums, I've decided on my next Space Marine Chapter.

    Surprisingly, the Space Sharks won the popular vote, but with the upcoming official release I decided to pass.

    Second up are the Exorcists. Liking the fluff is good for motivation. I liked the Deathwatch Exorcists character in Steve Parker's "Headhunted" story a lot. So looks like my next chapter is going to be the Exorcists!

    Third was the Warrior Adepts. It's my favorite pad of the lot. But the lack of fluff and the difficult quartered paint scheme probably would have become a detriment to getting an army completed in the long run.

    Thanks again everyone!

  2. I think I would have gone with the Crimson Tigers, but thats mostly because I like the Tiger Design you did.

    The Eagle is cool too. I made an Account, but Massdriver was not available.

  3. I dont even know if you will read it but I try. Amazing sculpts! I have my own DYI chapter named Black Lions, successor of Dark Angels. My first problem was how to do symbols. I decided to go with lion pads from HE White Lions for tactical, asssault and devastator and I use scibor lion shoulder pads for veterans, termies etc
    I just love your lion head. My skill is not high enough to do head so small unfotunatelly :(
    Wish I had that pad and I could cast any number of them :)
    Dont you have tutorial or something ?