Monday, October 31, 2011

Exorcists Chapter Icons

This is a joint project with Mike Youtz, a talented mold maker and resin caster; I sculpt the icons and he makes the mold and cast them for our armies.

Icons for Land Raiders:

 Icons for Rhinos:

Shoulder pads: Regular and Terminator sized:



  1. These are bad ass. That is what you were talking about doing a long time ago. I cant remember the clan name you were going with though.

  2. That was for my Black Hounds chapter.

    I'm finally getting around to actually doing something about all the stuff we talked about over the years :)

  3. Were you planning on porting these and some of your other chapter specific shoulderpads to Chapterhouse?

    If so, I could really go for some of those Celestial Lions shoulderpads. I like the Scibor Miniature ones, but I find yours much more subdued and preferable.

  4. These look fantastic... I'd love to see them available for purchase. It would be a shame to see quality casts like these see no circulation while the 15 year old rubbish on the GW site continues to sell.

    1. +1 start selling these, id order some for commission too they look amazing