Sunday, February 10, 2013

W.I.P. Female Marine Biker Legs

I got a reminder that I haven't sculpted bike riding legs for the female space marines yet.

A bike riding band of powered armored Valkyries does have a definate appeal to it :)

So here's the start to what's probably going to be the last bits I do for these female marines.

I still need to work on sculpting her arms. Might just go ahead and sculpt more feminine scaled arm and hands for them as well to match the new smaller shoulder pads.


  1. When might we be able to buy some of these as resins? I sent a email to the email address a few posts ago to inquire about it, and have never gotten a reply.

  2. Seconding the above comment- would love to get some of these and the other female space marine parts for my army.

  3. Sorry but they are no longer available :(

    My caster just doesn't have time for it and my casting skills aren't good enough to create a product of enough quality to sell to others.

    Hopefully, I'll find some time to rectify that in the future. Wish me luck!