Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rough concept sketch for Howling Hounds a.k.a. Manshee

Here's a rough concept sketch for my next project.

I did these to give my client an idea of the direction I was aiming for with the design.

I generally don't spend time working on finished concept art for my miniatures. I usually do dozens of rough sketches for myself until I have a fairly clear image of what I want in my mind.

I then finalize my design as I sculpt, since the process of translating the 2d image into a 3 dimensional object invariably requires changes to achieve an effective design for the tabletop.

The client felt that the above design wasn't distinctive enough, so I made the following changes. 


  1. My God! I'd love to be able to draw so roughly :)

    The second could pass for an upside down christmas tree - only no baubles. Hope the client won't like it...

  2. That how they ambush you; by disguising themselves as evergreen trees. In urban settings, during certain seasonal periods, they decorate themselves with appropriate baubles to blend in better with the environment:)

    It will probably end up getting toned down in the end, regardless of whatever the client says, since it wouldn't read well on the tabletop as a gaming miniature.

  3. Its good to see you drawing clean images again....its been so long since I have seen one of your drawings without all the pencil variants. =)

  4. Yeah, I suppose you are more used to seeing my scribbles that has more in common with images from a rorschach test than a concept drawing :)

    I'm slowly working on polishing my rusty skills as an artist.

    Let me know if you need any help with art on any of your personal projects. I could use the practice ;)