Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Future Project: Battle Suits

I'm fan of the Tau design aesthetics; they have that uniquely 'Western' mecha design that's a refreshing alternative to the usual Japanese mecha designs.

Unfortunately for me, the design and model for their Crisis Battlesuit leaves something to be desired...

The newer FW suits are sweet, but are too pricey for me to build an army with :(

Hopefully when they update the codex, they will release a new battlesuit to replace the current one.

Here's my initial concept sketches for the battle suit. As usual I'll be making changes to the design as I work on the sculpt, but it's good enough for now as a starting point.

I plan on sculpting these digitally on a 3D program (either Maya or 3ds Max) in a month or two.

For this project, I'm doing a design based off the Shirow Masamune's Appleseed Landmate configuration with the pilot's leg encased in the thigh armor (the Tau Crisis Battlesuit was described as being worn this way in the Fire Warrior 40k novel as well.).

My initial design criteria for this projects is:
  • The design needs to have 'organic' flowing lines and curves like the Tau vehicles.
  • The suit should have elements that makes you think of a Samurai to go along with the fire warriors' Ashigaru feel.
  • A more 'Western' robot design aesthetics, as in the Transformers the Movie rather than my usual Japanese anime/Gundam mecha designs.


    1. I like the lines of less detailed legs on the right, but hate the pointy belly. Samurai had complicated armour because he used small pieces of metal sewn together (weak technology). Tau for me synonimize advanced technology, they can use large plates of organically flowing material instead of smaller, rectangular flats.

    2. The pointy belly and the back-fin was my weak attempt at inserting sort of a shark like 'aquatic' feel(i.e. devilfish, hammerhead, piranha, skyray)to the design :)

      But Tau design doesn't incorporate sharp pointy parts, nor do they have small flat rectangular structural armor reinforcements as you pointed out.

      I'll do another take later as time allows.

      Thanks for the input!

      1. I disagree. The pointed chest looks amazing and, not only that, but it makes sense.

        It is similar to the front glacis of an armored vehicle in that it both deflects hard rounds fired at it without allowing them to penetrate and prevents point detonated rockets from exploding on impact.

        Considering the pilot is in the torso and tau methodology is to take care of the pilot first (as opposed to imperial where the pilot is seen as expendable next to the machine.) the pointed glacis-like chest fits perfectly. You might change the "point" to a snubbed downslope (that would direct rounds down and away from the sensors in the head.)
        But other than that it makes much more sense than gw or forgeworlds models.

    3. I just discovered these concepts a few weeks ago, and I must says I was really impressed and impatient. I then read these comments and collapsed.

      Despite what lehcyfer said, most tau battlesuits parts seems to be made of several flat plates, especially on legs.

      And even if you think there's no relation with actual tau technology, it can be prototypes or ancient battlesuits.

      My question is : Did you abandon this project ?
      Cause I'm not sure i coul sculpt it as perfectly as you would.

    4. Nope, haven't abandoned the project.

      I'm still working on them as time permits: