Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Project: Female Soldiers

After reading the Ciaphas Cain omnibus books from the Black Library, I felt inspired to start working on my own version of the female guards.

Size comparison:


  1. Even though this is an older post in your blog, if you were to ever make these for sale I'd be inclined to buy some.

  2. Now that I have someone who can cast them for me, I will be happy to sell them to you when I get them done :)

    I'm still working on them. I've decided to sculpt new arms that's better scaled to fit the body.

  3. where can i buy these would love these for my guard army

  4. Sorry, they are currently still a work in progress. Real Life has been taking up all my time lately :(

    I would also need to figure out how to get them cast for sale. Hopefully by the time I'm done sculpting them, I'll have that worked out.

    Wish me luck ;)