Wednesday, February 29, 2012

W.I.P. Female Marines: Size Comparison

Here's a size comparison pic of the female marines along with my so-called art-scale/true-scale marines.

Size comparison with the art-scale bodies:

These below are shown with the smaller helmets I sculpted for the female marines; which in my opinion helps with the art-scale look.

Size comparison with an AOBR terminator model.

I'm trying to keep my art-scaled models to fit on the standard bases rather than the larger termie bases. The cork base I use while sculpting has a 25mm diameter.


  1. I like these very much and look forward to seeing your progress with them. I'm an amateur sculptor and have my own blog, I'm afraid my stuff isn't as good as your though. You should check out my blog.

  2. I did and I joined your site while I was at it :)

    Good stuff, especially the French Revolution Goblins.

  3. Thanks for showing a detailed comparison of the size differences (which is to say, not that bad at all).

    I, too, look forward to seeing progress of these sculpts. Am curious; will these be available for purchase later down on down the line (Ah, this may be something better suited for email)?

    Nice Word Bearer chaos marines Chris.

  4. I love these. I am in the process of discussing a trade with your friend J47 and if not, I will just purchase these outright, they are wonderful, :)

    please check out my blog at in a few weeks for a review, :)