Friday, April 6, 2012

Female Marine Combat Squads are Ready to Go!

It took a long time but the female space marines resin castings are finally ready.

For those fellow gamers out there interested in getting your hands on some of these female marines for your own, Jacqualine47 has graciously offered to help in making them available to us.

Please contact her directly by e-mail: for further details.

It is thanks to her generous efforts that I can finally offer them to you. Thank you Jacqualine!

Currently the available kit consists of 5 female marines, one of each sculpt as shown in the pic below:

In the Dark Grimness of the Far Future, there is Only War -- and Misogyny, apparently :)
One with torso/arms/legs, two with torso/legs, one separate legs/torso with plain breastplate, and one separate legs/torso with aquila -- plus five different un-helmeted head sculpts and five helmeted head sculpts that include two standard marine helmets, one company champion helmet, one beakie helmet, and one open-face helmet.

Thanks for your patience and continued support. I will be continuing to support this project by completing the assault squad set and sculpting additional figures and parts.



  1. Awesome! I've been lurking your blog for a while now, glad to see you've got these ladies for sale now. I've always thought they'd be great "counts as" Sisters of Battle, especially since I'd need to sell a kidney to afford an official Sister army lol.

    Question: Will regular SM arms/weapons/shoulders look okay on these ladies? Or will you be designing original bits for them?

  2. There are pictures of them with the SM arms/weapons/shoulders here:

    Take a look and you can decide for yourself if they look okay or not; I obviously think they do :)

  3. I saw a post on bartertown, but then it faded away. Very interested in getting an army of these together, :)

  4. Would it be possible to order just loose torsos (4-5) and the heads? I've been working on something and the torsos would be just the thing. The heads I can use on other projects.

  5. You can try asking really nicely to Jacqualine47, my caster ;)

    She can tell you what is currently possible or not.

  6. Thanks. I'll wait and see how the assault marine kits look and then make my decision on what to get.

  7. Love this! I'm currently making a female space marine myself, just one unique figure though. This gives me something to aim towards! :D

  8. Cool. I would really! Really! Would like to see some female Elysian torsos. I like the female heads and wouldn't getting some, since it will help make eack model look different. I always wanted a female only elite squad. I like the forge world range which helps the models stand out.

  9. These female marine heads are probably too large for Elysian torsos.

    The heads for these figures might be a better fit for them.

    I'm still trying to find the time to get these ladies done. I'm currently sculpting sets of arms to better match their body size.

  10. Is she still offering offering this is it possible to just order the torsos and heads ? would like to use the heads and torsos for some imperial guard conversations am working on

  11. Good work,that's really impressive.

    Could you send me the procedure to buy many females space marine kit. I have got an army's project with exclusive female space marine.

    my e-mail:

  12. Thanks for the kind words :)

    You can contact Meow Meow Minis here to see if there are still available:

  13. Are these still available?
    I mean the post was from a long time ago and Meow Meow is apparently closed for business D:

  14. Sorry, they are currently not available.

    If I ever manage to find the time to learn how to cast properly and there's still enough interest, I might consider offering them again someday.


  15. Please let me know if the kit ever comes available. I'd love to get it for a personal pet project SM character. Matthewguilliams21@yahoo

  16. Please let me know also...
    I'm looking for female Space Marines for a long long time..
    Thank you

  17. Greetings!
    Been brainstorming lately on my own Chaos Legion and decided to add a twisted Battlesister contingent with my Dark Apostle Cadre.
    I came along your pics and they are EXACTLY what I have envisioned for these ladies of the 'Order of the Broken Soul'
    I noticed the time stamps of the posts were 2012-2014, but I was still wondering if you had any of these models left or were continuing work in this direction? Mostly because I would be REALLY interested in these and possibly some female TERMINATORS!

    Looking forward to convincing you further...