Saturday, April 21, 2012

Howling Hounds (a.k.a. Manshees) are done!

I finished sculpting the Howling Hounds and shipped them out to Chapterhouse Studios this week.

This project has taken way longer than I had anticipated.  But I'm rather pleased at what I manage to achieve with the wacky idea of doing a male version of the banshees.

The pack was given their weapons and then their arms were removed to make them easier to cast.

I kind of dread this part since the process of separating the arms from the body inevitably results in some damage to the figure; which then requires touch up sculpting. 
Fortunately there wasn't any serious mess to clean up this time. 

The Packleader has 3 weapons options:
 The trsiskele weapon option:

 The dual Sword weapon option:

The Glaive weapon option:


  1. Man, these sculpts are simply mind-blowing, you're such a talented sculptor! Will you send this to Jacqualine, too? I really think they would sell like hot cakes! Congratulations for your work, and a big thank you from a fellow gamer for your tenacious work to give us more options to play with :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words!

    I'm hoping that if I sculpt figures I'd want myself as a gamer, there will be other gamers who would want them too :)

    These were actually done for Chapterhouse Studios. I have no idea if and when they are scheduled for release though :(

  3. I really hope to see them released son! :) Let's cross fingers.
    I'm going to try luck at making my own W40k bits out of GS (some CSM legs), if they come out half as beautiful as your stuff I'll be deeply satisfied haha.
    Btw, if you need a resin caster in Europe for your miniatures, I'm your man ;)
    PS: I'm going to be a MD in a couple years, so well done for getting involved in the cystic fibrosis awereness campaign, more people like you is what we need. Take care man!