Monday, January 9, 2012

Further Adventures in Casting

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another attempt at casting:

This time I managed to get the resin to travel through the mold and out the top.

Lots of air bubbles in this one. But at least I have a miniature figure of sorts :)

The figure with the arms is missing her left hand and all the faces and helms suffer from air bubbles.

So I cut more vents into the mold to let the air escape, with the following result:

It is better than the first cast but there are still too many air bubbles.

I used green stuff on one of the figure to fill in all the holes left by the air bubbles. The air bubbles on the heads are particularly problematic since it disfigures the face. I had to re-sculpt the nose and mouth.

I made several further attempts at casting with similar results. I tried vibration, rotating and talc powder to no avail :(

I think I got too ambitious with getting all the parts in a single mold, resulting in a mold that doesn't allow proper flow of  resin (and air) through it.

I ran out of the mold making material since I wasted a lot of it during these lessons. When my order arrives I'll I'll try making a simpler mold that is more optimized for air flow.

Wish me luck!

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