Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More adventures in Casting: Shoulder Pads

The first cast with this mold:
The bottom of the  two part mold wasn't clamped together tightly enough. This made the resin leak out the bottom and failed to cast one of the shoulder pads entirely.

Fortunately, enough of the resin got through the mold to cast 3 of the 4 shoulder pads.
There are still some holes from air bubbles but they are fine overall.

I should of injected water into the mold to see if and where it leaks. I'll be sure to test it first from here on.

Here's my second attempt:
I'm fairly pleased with the result :)

Needs some clean up, particularly the goofy balls in the eye sockets, but otherwise it's a clean cast with only one air bubble hole in the lot.


  1. This is so cool to see how it is done. I was at a Warhammer 40k game some time last year and there was a guy who did a lot of his own casting like this. Most of his was for terrain though....he had a house full of the stuff. I think he ran Warhammer 40k campaigns with most of it. I know he moved out of state, but if you want I can try to get his contact info...I am sure he would have a lot of good info for you.

    1. Hey dude! Thanks but I'm probably not going to pursue the mold making casting thing much further; it takes way too much time away from my sculpting.

      I now have two mold maker/casters I just started working with two experienced mold maker/caster to have my stuff cast for me :)

  2. Two comments:
    You might want to try flipping the cast, so that, when you pour gravity assists with the settling of the cast and air buoyancy assists with the removal of the bubbles from the body of the smaller parts, up into the resin reservoir.

    Make a simple vibrating table. Take a hand sander, a cheap one will do. And set it on your pour plate. That will help as well.

  3. Hey would you be interested in selling these? I've been looking for exorcists shoulder pads and icons.

    1. Biggy,

      I'm currently working with a mold maker/caster to have them made for us. I can try asking to see if he has the bandwidth to do more. Send me a PM if you are interested.

  4. This looks like the same silicone I use for my molds. But because to the size, I make fiberglass mother molds to hold its shape during casting. I may switch to urethane rubber as it's supposed to be more durable.

    1. It's the OOMOO silicone rubber from Smooth-on.

      Doesn't urethane rubber require vulcanization?

      So what are you making?