Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Casting the Other Two Ninja Turtles

Got the remaining two turtles cast up.

Here's the first half of the mold in progress:

The finished mold:

First pull:

The left hand sai didn't turn out so I cut additional air vents into the mold:

 Second pull:

Third pull:


Fourth pull:

Overall a large improvement over the previous attempts at mold making and casting. I'm rather happy about how these casts turned out.

The one bad thing is that the mold for the katana didn't turn out properly; the casting of the katana blade is too thick and doesn't have the right blade geometry. I'm going to have to file them to give them the proper edges and point by hand.

Here's more pics of the casts from this mold:

While I was cutting apart the sai from the fourth pull, the exacto-knife cut right through the cast and sliced opened my left middle finger-tip  :(

I had to go he hospital to get stitches for the wound. I need to go back to get the stitches out in a week.

It was a painful reminder to be very cautious when working with sharp blades and not to let familiarity make you careless with any potentially dangerous tool :(

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