Thursday, November 19, 2015

Second Attempt at Pressure Casting

Since the main issues with the casts from the last pulls were the weapon arms, I figured I'd just cast up a few more of the weapon arms to replace the bad ones. 
So I placed the syringe tip into the pour vent that leads directly to the weapons arms, expecting to at least get a clean cast of the weapon arms. 
Turns out that doing this allowed the resin to flow through the mold in a way that resulted in clean casts for the entire figure! 
Pull 5:

Pull 6:

Pull 7:

Unfortunately the mold is already tearing at places and won't be good for many more pulls  :(
The mold was poorly designed for flow of resin/air as well as the placement of the parting lines for casting. The way I sculpted the originals have too many deep undercuts that makes it hard to get the casting out of the mold; resulting in more wear and tear on the mold.
I did manage to get a hold of Jacqualine, the very talented and experienced caster who did the casts for the female space marines, so I'm plan on contracting her to make the mold and create quality castings to share with my friends :)

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  1. Very nice looking figures, too bad about the mold tearing.