Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First Try At Casting Under Pressure

Results of the first pull:

The resin didn't make through to the left nun-chuk hand and to the bottom of his shell. The upper half of the staff also didn't turn out. So I cut a few more air vents in the mold to improve the flow. 

Second pull:

The additional vents in the mold did the trick but the resin didn't make it into the left staff forearm for some reason this time.

Third pull:

No clue what happened this time; the entire lower torso of one of the figures was missing as well as the staff :(

Fourth pull:

I didn't make any changes to the mold from the last pull, but the result here was pretty good (except for the left hand nun-chuk of course).

Here are the castings from the first 4 pulls with a quick removal of the flashes:

Broke the right hand nun-chuk while cleaning the model; the resin seems more brittle than I recall.

Overall I have enough clean casts to make 2 sets of miniatures with the result :)

Still have a lot of kinks to work out but not a bad start overall to learning how to cast using a pressure pot.


  1. Cool! Interesting to see the learning curve :)

  2. But what a fun experiment! I love those figures, you should be proud of the sculpting!