Saturday, May 14, 2011

Female Space Elf Ninja Painted by Angel Giraldez

Painted by the amazingly talented Angel Giraldez for Chapterhouse Studios.

This 28mm miniature figure was designed and sculpted by me, cast by Chapterhouse Studios and painted by Angel Giraldez.

It's almost a dream come true for me to see a miniature I designed and sculpted, cast for production and painted by a professional painter :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rough concept sketch for Howling Hounds a.k.a. Manshee

Here's a rough concept sketch for my next project.

I did these to give my client an idea of the direction I was aiming for with the design.

I generally don't spend time working on finished concept art for my miniatures. I usually do dozens of rough sketches for myself until I have a fairly clear image of what I want in my mind.

I then finalize my design as I sculpt, since the process of translating the 2d image into a 3 dimensional object invariably requires changes to achieve an effective design for the tabletop.

The client felt that the above design wasn't distinctive enough, so I made the following changes.