Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just a quick post showing the stuff that got sent to Jacqualine for casting  last week.

Included in the shipment were:

Female rкомисса́р (aka commissar)
- I decided not to sculpt the weapons since it would unnecessary delay getting the figure cast and I figured you would rather provide your own weapon-load-outs to suit your army anyways. 

Female marine scout torso
- for use with the usual scout legs (with modifications to the crotch) and IG arms with the female marine heads from the current sets.

Female marine torso with jump harness
- for use with separate assault posed legs. Jacqualine will be separating the torso of the current assault pose figures from their legs to offer them as separate components. 

Female marine helm with opened chin guard

- this is my own helm for my assault squad captain. I plan on doing variants with the face guard fully opened and one with it fully closed once I get the cast back.

Female marine legs

- one kneeling posed and another assault posed legs.

Smaller marine shoulder pads
-One is smaller than the other, but both are smaller than the standard marine pads. I prefer the larger of the tow but I'm going to leave it up to Jacqualine to decide which one she wants to cast up for us.

Next up on my work table are female and male champions of war and female soldiers: