Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Project: My Little War Pony!

I asked my caster Jacqualine if she had any fun suggestions for a new project to get me back in to sculpting again. Her wife had this idea of starting a Guard army made up of magical little ponies and calling them "War-Pwnies"  :)

Being a fan of Lauren Faust's work (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Powerpuff Girls), working on a My Little Pony sculpting project sounded like a great idea to me.

The figure is sized to fit on a standard 25mm base (the cork she's standing on is 25mm in diameter).

She doesn't look much like a pony without her mane and tails. I still need to work on those as well as her unicorn horn. Surprisingly, I'm rather enjoying working on this fun, wacky little project.

New project: Female Space Elf heads

Some progress on a set of female space elf heads.

W.I.P. Female Marine Biker Legs

I got a reminder that I haven't sculpted bike riding legs for the female space marines yet.

A bike riding band of powered armored Valkyries does have a definate appeal to it :)

So here's the start to what's probably going to be the last bits I do for these female marines.

I still need to work on sculpting her arms. Might just go ahead and sculpt more feminine scaled arm and hands for them as well to match the new smaller shoulder pads.

W.I.P. Arms for Female Infantry Troopers

Still working on sculpting the arm variations for the female soldiers:

It's kind of a pain getting their arms in the correct position to be able to hold a rifle. Sculpting those tiny little hands isn't easy either; it's almost as hard as sculpting faces and far more tedious. But it's slowly getting there.

Happy Lunar New Year!!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Happy Lunar New Year!!

Wishing you good fortune in The Year of the Snake.