Monday, October 31, 2011

Exorcists Chapter Icons

This is a joint project with Mike Youtz, a talented mold maker and resin caster; I sculpt the icons and he makes the mold and cast them for our armies.

Icons for Land Raiders:

 Icons for Rhinos:

Shoulder pads: Regular and Terminator sized:


W.I.P. Alternate Battlesuit

W.I.P. Female Space Marines; Helms

Smaller helms to fit with the female space marine body size.

Jetbike Rider for Chapterhouse

Sculpted just the rider's legs and arms to fit on the jet bike for Chapterhouse Studio.

W.I.P. Art Scale Space Marine; counts as Shrike progress update

W.I.P. Howling Hounds ak.a. Manshee progress update

Sorry about the poor picture quality; I had to take the pics at night by lamp light since there wasn't enough sunlight today :(