Monday, August 8, 2016

Turtles painted by flags_of_war!

So  flags-of-war, a fellow member of the Lead Adventure Forum, painted up his set of the Ninja Turtles already!

Here they are in all their glory:


Seeing his painted turtles made the hard work of sculpting and casting these figures all worthwhile :)

Thanks mate!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ninja Turtles Resin Cast Update

Yet another rather late and sporadic update ;)

The Miniatures has been cast and I've received them several months ago but it's just been sitting on my work table since then. I've just been too busy with work and family to do anything with them.

But I've finally started shipping out sets of the turtles miniatures to my friends.

Here's a in progress pic of the figures by flags_of_war posted over on the Lead Adventure Forum:

He's done some amazing paint jobs on his Ninja Turtles Project posted there:

I'm really excited about seeing how these miniatures will look with his excellent painting skills!

So once I realized that many of you who have requested a set of minis are outside of the USA (where I reside), I looked into costs for international shipping. It turns out that it's ridiculously expensive to ship out an package internationally from here

For instance, shipping to the UK via USPS Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box costs USD$33.95

The cost of shipping is more than for the set of figures :(

If you are in Europe and interested in getting a set, members of the Lead Adventure Forums are arranging a group buy to offset shipping costs, so you might want to check it out:

Otherwise, I can only ship to those in the USA. If you are in the USA and have requested for a set here and are still interested, please contact me by PM.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

I got the usual question about the 'scale' of the figures, so I took some quick pics to show their size.

 I also took some size comparison pics with the Heroclix figures as well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just a quick update.

I just started a new job last month so I've been too preoccupied to get any sculpting done lately.

The Ninja Turtles sculpt are currently in England being prepared for casting by Craig and Dale over at Critical Mass Games. It's a private commission between me and Craig, so please don't bother them directly about the Ninja Turtles casts.

Though you should definitely check out their awesome 15mm Sci-Fi game and figures :)

Here's some pics of the work in progress:

5 sets of master castings

All the master Moulds and the mdf to make five more of each as production moulds.  The only deviation from this is the Mould for the bo.  Which will be two production Moulds containing 3 staffs in each, this is to basically save rubber on such a tall thin piece.

Here are some pictures of them cutting the masters out of the Moulds.

From these they will make x5 master castings, clean them up and re Sprue them as before; this will then make x5 production Moulds and then they can begin production.

Notice the jagged cuts that will then make the key for the Mould. Also note the Moulds are not cut completely in two. They are only cut down to the furthest detail making a 'clam shell', eg for Leonardo it's the tip of the sword. This allows us to syringe resin right into the detail and allow the resin flow they push into the Mould to come back into main cavity (the air to flow out the Mould).

I'm really looking forward to getting the miniatures in my hands (hopefully) later this month.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - Happy New Year! !

May the New Year bring you good health and prosperity with enough time for your hobbies :)