Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!


Wishing us all a wonderful year full of joy, prosperity and a very productive year for our hobbies in 2013 :)

I started a new job last year and been having way too much fun at work to find enough time to make  enough progress with my sculpting  to be worth posting.

Sorry about that :(

I'm working on finding a better balance between my professional and family obligations with personal time for myself as a hobbyist. Wish me luck!

Currently I'm working on finishing up the female grunts. Taking in your suggestions for more appropriately scaled arms, I've decided to sculpt posed arms for them myself.

Unfortunately sculpting tiny little hands has been a thorn in my side for the past few months. In my opinion, sculpting hands is even more difficult than faces at this scale. It's especially tedious having to sculpt multiple hands for each variant arm pose; might be time to seriously consider digital sculpting to reduce the redundant work of replicating hands.

Anyways, wish me luck and keep an eye out for updates on my projects.